Only 5% of eligible businesses have applied for the cash incentives, refunds, rebates, and credits available to US businesses.  That means there is a 95% chance that your business is not benefiting from these federal, state, and local government programs.

Our government pays out billions of dollars every year to help businesses develop, grow, and succeed.  Companies that create, innovate, and improve are the backbone of economic growth.  Business growth creates jobs and that grows the local, state, and national economy.

Consider these examples:

  • One local dentist received $31,000 in cash credits.
  • A local physician realized $70,000.
  • A small, local auto parts store collected $27,000.
  • A chiropractor received $42,000 back from the government.
  • An Optometrist claimed $72,000 of government incentives.
  • A medium-sized roofing company, $348,000 found!
  • A small manufacturing company found $146,000 in incentives.
  • An engineering firm was awarded $55,000 in incentives.
  • A commercial construction firm landed $262,000 in credits.
  • A small-but-successful fashion manufacturer received over $400,000.

Let’s say you are in the medical field, a dentist, physician, or chiropractor … you might be thinking, “I don’t create or develop anything, so I’m probably not eligible.”  But that’s not true.  Every patient that walks in your door is a “custom order.”  There are no off-the-shelf answers to the health needs of your patients.  You poke and prod, or drill and fill until that custom order’s needs are met. 

Regardless of your business type or medical specialty, there is an ocean of money out there that 95% of eligible businesses never claim.  And the 5% that did claim last year, split $12.6 billion dollars.  So, isn’t it time to find out if your business is eligible? 

So how much did you miss out on?  Work with us to and we’ll go back three years to claim every dollar you deserve. 

Just to be clear … We are not interested in taking the place of your CPA … in fact, we don’t even do taxes.  But, our clients come back year-after-year to see if they have credits dollars due.  It’s a great way to get a free “2nd opinion” to see if there are dollars available to claim for that current year.

Some say, “But I have a good CPA.”  I do too, and she’s saved me a small fortune in taxes over the years.  But CPAs are not experts in this area of tax law.  It is a niche …  And it takes a specialist.

Would you insist your family doctor perform your open heart surgery?  Of course not.  In fact, your family doctor would never perform that surgery, and would refer you to a heart surgeon.  Why?  Because heart surgeons are specialists and they have the training and experience necessary to perform that delicate operation.  Anything less than a heart specialist is a risk too big to take.

Your CPA is the family practice doctor.  They’re very good at their job, and you trust them with your finances.  But they are not specialized to perform the delicate surgery required to get these cash incentive credits back to you.

That’s why you need an incentive specialist to see if you have “hidden money” awaiting your claim.

And the great thing about what we do is that there is zero-cost to find out whether you have credit dollars due, and how much it should be.

The process is simple:

  1. Answer the questions below (60 seconds).
  2. Spend 5-10 minutes on the phone with one of our Consultants.
  3. Follow the instructions you will be sent from the company’s licensed and bonded representatives.
  4. Within 3 to 5 business days you will know whether you are entitled to an incentive credit, and a range of how much it should be.
  5. When you give us the green-light, we will file your information to secure your credits, rewards, refunds, and incentives. 

Answer the questions below to see if you can qualify: