Case Studies

A Few of the Types of Businesses We’ve Helped …


Commercial Construction Company
S Corp. 4 Shareholders. 50+ employees.
One Location/Company. Western States.
$262,000+ in regional/national incentives.


Engineering Firm
C Corp. One location. 12 Employees.
$55,000+ Regional incentives realized.


Landscaping Company
S Corp. 2 shareholders.
Two Locations. 32 employees.
$92,000 regional/federal incentives realized.


Auto Parts Store
C Corp. One location. 3 employees.
$27,587 regional incentives realized.


Pool Cleaning/Supply Company
S Corp. 2 shareholders. One location. 25 employees.
$115,000+ regional/national incentives realized.


Manufacturing Company
S Corp. 2 Shareholders. One location. 11 employees.
$146,069 regional/national incentives realized.


Roofing Company
C Corp. 3 locations. 60 employees. Eastern States.
$348,000 state/federal incentives realized.


Wholesale Bakery
S Corp. 2 shareholders.  Two Locations. 15 employees.
$128,000 state/federal incentives realized.